Like many of you my mom taught me to sew when I was a young girl and one of my most vivid memories of that time is the crowded and tomato pincushion she use to keep right next to the sewing machine. Since then tons of different pincushions have come in and out of my life but my favourites are still food-based ones that look adorable while still holding tons of sewing pins. When I saw these adorable mini wood baskets from David Tutera’s wedding line for I just knew I had to show you and how to make a pincushion strawberry basket. Hope you love it as much as I do!


Step 1. The 9, 4″ circles out of the felt. Then using the picture below as a guide trim off about 1/3 from each circle.

Step 2. Matching up the straight sides, fold the circle in half and sew by hand or with a sewing machine along the straight side.

Step 3. Turn cone shape right side out and loosely hand baste around the edge with a needle and thread.

Step 4. With the sewing needle still attached, pull the thread to cinch the edges, fill with fiber stuffing, and sew shut. Repeat steps 2-4 for the remaining 8 circle cutouts.

Step 5. 6″ circle out of the red felt and again baste around the edges with a needle and thread. Pull thread to cinch large circle and sew shut with the needle. Place this red puff in the wood basket and set aside. We’ll be using it a bit later to sew the strawberries on top of.

Step 6. Use thick white thread (or double up just normal thread) to add a few white “seeds” to each strawberry. This step is totally optional but it adds a nice finishing touch to each strawberry!

Step 7. Using the picture below as a guide, the “strawberry leaves” from 1″ square sections of green felt. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect, neither are strawberries!

Step 8. Use a needle and thread to attach the leaves to the top of strawberries.

Step 9. Working one at a time sew the strawberries to the larger red poof in the wood basket. You may want to stitch them to each other as well as the red poof. I did a circle of 6 strawberries for the base.

Step 10. Add the remaining 3 strawberries to the top of the existing strawberry base. Continue sewing together until you feel like they are secure.

Now you know how to make a pincushion that’s super adorable and functional! How cute would this handmade strawberry pincushion look next to your sewing machine.

Making your own handmade strawberry pincushion isn’t hard to do but it definitely can be a bit time consuming but I think it’s totally worth it! Hope you have fun learning how to make a pincushion. This is fantastic craft you must make at your home in free time. It is marvellous provided 10 steps for making the craft with less resources. thank you and happy journey.